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Talking therapy such as Counselling, and non-verbal therapies such as Sandplay and  Play Therapy are all extremely effective methodologies for children. Working with families and carers is sometimes an essential part of working with children in this age group and I also offer this support.


With Children - Sandplay with children is an holistic, non-verbal form of counselling therapy. By using miniature objects that represent all aspects of life the client will clearly display their inner world. It is a deep process which shows what underlies the current situation that the client is presenting with. Sandplay allows a movement that is profound. It identifies unspoken issues and brings solutions.

With Adults - Sandplay for adults is a journey in which both the facilitator and the client walk together. It encompasses everything past, present and future. It can sometimes reveal something so buried that the client has forgotten the original event. Once this is seen, the client knows what is needed to make the necessary changes to the patterns and beliefs that are often directing their life in the present.

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Play Therapy

 Play Therapy is a powerful means of joining with the innate, creative, non-verbal capacities of children in order to engage and work therapeutically with them. It is a developmentally appropriate evidence-based method of counselling younger clients.

In Play Therapy, children can play out, literally and/or metaphorically, their inner and real life experiences in a way that builds insight and capacity. Therapeutic play allows children to;

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- express

                                - regulate- communicate

                                                                              - practice and master, new skills and emotional


Learn to Play

Learn to Play® is a well researched directive modality of therapeutic play. Learn to Play®teaches the child valuable play skills that help improve social skills and empathy towards others via pretend play. Pretend play has been shown to help develop later literacy skills. You can follow this link to read more about this mode of therapy. 

Filial Therapy

Filial Therapy literally translates into son/daughter/parent relationship therapy. This therapy teaches parent s skills they can use with their child while they are learning themm and long after. Play is an enjoyable way to build connections with your children and develop the alliance with your partner around your parenting.

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